God is rebuilding the Tabernacle of David in our day. This implies the release of His glory upon people, cities, and nations like never before in history. God is restoring the first and great commandment to the heart of the church, that we would love God first and foremost, thus creating an overflow of love and mercy that floods out, touching the world around us.

We have been called by the Lord in these exciting days of revival, renewal and awakening to trumpet this message through worship, music, and teaching. We are seeing an entire generation become marked with the call to seek Him with all their hearts, carrying His presence to the darkest regions on earth and bringing transformation by creating resting places of Gods presence through night and day prayer, and worship.

It is with this work in mind, that we humbly ask you consider sowing into the ministry. You are not simply sowing to reap back a reward in this life, although these principles are true and good; you are investing into the greatest move of prayer, worship and missions that the world has ever seen. It is in these times that we have the greatest opportunity to direct the flow of our finances into movements that are setting the stage for the great end-time harvest of souls.

May the Lord bless you richly, and may it be counted back to you in this age and the age to come!

– Chris Burns


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